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Anxiety to Calm

​Past Participants quotes on what was most helpful:

"To relax, do my breathing and listen to myself, what my heart body and mind is saying and yes, it's ok to say NO."

"Making me aware of my contribution to my anxiety, then giving me the tools to manage and understand my anxiety."

Program Format:

8 weeks: of 2 hour group sessions

20$ material fee

How do you get in to the program?

You can self-refer by calling 403.343.9100 and speak with a Triage Nurse OR obtain a referral from your RDPCN family doctor.

When you self-refer consider having a friend registered with you as this can provide support for positive change.

If you are already seeing a RDPCN nurse, psychologist, mental health counsellor, recreation therapist or pharmacist you can ask them about a referral.

Your commitment:

Make the course a priority.

Attend the two-hour group weekly, set a goal and practice skills daily. People who set personal goals and are motivated to do daily skills practice gain more benefits. 

Where is the Program located?

Red Deer PCN Central office
Phone: 403.343.9100
5120 47 Street, Red Deer, AB

Organizations interested in learning more about offering the program- see the Alberta Happiness Basics master document under About Us on  this website.

Anxiety to Calm Relaxation CD

1. The Body Scan Practice - Spoken by Dr. Elisha Goldstein.mp3
2. Progressive Muscle Relaxation.mp3 
3. Three Minute Breathing Space Meditation - Mark Williams and Danny Penman.mp3 
4. Generalized Relaxation and Imagery - Reid Wilson.WMA
5. Loving kindness Meditation Newbie Yoga.mp3 
Responsive Breathing Space -Zindel V. Segal, Mark G. Williams and John D. Teasdale.mp3
7. Beach Visualization University of Houston Clear Lake.mp3
8. Safe Place Meditation