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Red Deer Primary Care Network

Help us reduce the risk of spread of illness, including COVID-19. For more information, visit:

Prior to any visit to the PCN office complete the COVID Assessment Screening

If you are having ANY issues with your health call your family doctor, they can help with whatever ails you, not just Covid-19. 
(For life threatening emergencies visit the emergency department or call 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY.)
As always Red Deer PCN is here to support your health and wellness. Call 403.343.9100
Mental Health Counsellors are available for therapy and other concerns.  (For Crisis call CMHA 780.482.4357 or 403.266.4357)
Registered Nurses (Family Nurses) are available for chronic disease and other health related questions.
Kinesiologists can help you set up at home exercise programs and social connections.
All individual sessions have been moved to telephone and Zoom appointments. 
ALL of our Group classes and H.E.A.R.T.S are now being offered via Virtually (Zoom)
Drop In (Diabetes Discussion and Mindfulness) stay tuned! Virtual sessions will be announced! 


Skills that Maintain Healthy Relationships Posted July 20, 2020

Learn ways to improve your relationship skills using the acronym DEARMAN and GIVE, fromt he DBT therapy perspective,  presented by a RDPCN Mental Health Counselor, Lana.

DBT Interpersonal Effectivess Skills(pdf)

Being Active during COVID Posted July 6, 2020

During this unprecedented times, exercise becomes even more important to help with anxiety and stress. Let's use exercise and physical activity to help manage any overwhelming negative emotions. We can continue to be active, despite of the pandemic with a few easy changes in our lives.


Dealing with Distress Posted June 29, 2020

Learn some ways to deal with distress in this video with Renee, one of our Mental Health Counselors. For more ideas watch this video in the link below. Commit to trying one new strategy to manage when you find yourself dealing with a situation you have no control over.


Engaging in Mindfulness Posted June 22, 2020

Renee will lead you in two short mindfulness practices. Try some short mindfulness practices to engage in the present moment, this small gratitude and loving kindness practice to help you be more mindful.

Engaging in Mindfulness with Renee

6 Mindfulness Exercises (pdf)


Soothing ourselves with self-care Posted June 15, 2020

Use the balance wheel as a tool to help you identify the areas you can focus on to improve self-care. Aim to practice self-care physically, socially, and mentally. 

Balance Wheel (pdf)


Behavioural ways to lift your mood Posted June 8, 2020

Learn some simply ways to lift your mood in this short video by Renee, a Mental Health Counselor with the Red Deer PCN.
Try the ACE technique to improve wellness and mood.  Tracking our accomplishments, connections, and the things we enjoy each day can lift our mood.  Adding a focus of body care will further enhance our wellbeing.


Managing Anxiety  Posted June 1, 2020

Renee, one of our PCN Mental Health Counselors describes some tips to manage anxiety and practice the 2-1 breathing technique which is helpful in activating your calming (parasympathetic) nervous system.

Managing Anxiety 5.35 mins
Check out the 2-1 breathing exercise.  2-1 Breathing technique video


Tolerating Uncertainty Posted May 25, 2020

Renee, one of our PCN Mental Health Counselors describes some other ways to deal with the unknown during COVID-19.  During this time of uncertainty, we can use the APPLE strategy to help us manage thoughts in a more mindful way. Learn to acknowledge, pause, pull back, let go and explore the present moment to tolerate the uncertainty you may be experiencing.

Tolerating Uncertainty 8 mins youtube
APPLE (pdf) 


RESOURCES to help Navigate:

  • Having issues sleeping check out 12 Healthy Sleep Tips
  • SImple Gratitude Practices (pdf)
  • Critically Important Planning Documents for all Albertans 18 and over (pdf)
  • A booklet to help with Dealing with Distress. (pdf)

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